There already groups organizing 1/24 racing, and they do a great job.  SCORA is strictly for smaller cars that race at home, club, and commercial tracks.  You do not need a big commercial track to get sanctioned.  Any oval will do, as long as you have a way to track laps and score results.

Building a racing series that is stable can be challenging.  Unfortunately, with fewer and fewer commercial tracks, racers rely more on club tracks that may have vastly different rules.  This, combined with spotty parts availability, makes it difficult to keep people involved, and attract new racers.  SCORA has been created to help with this.  A track need not use only SCORA divisions and rules.  However, if you see a track with the SCORA logo and a sanctioned division listed, you know ahead of time what to build.  Our intent is to help create standard divisions, not control competition at tracks.


SCORA divisions use 3 platforms

  1. Womp – Modifieds, Trucks, Late Models, etc. use a womp sized chassis from any manufacturer.
  2. Narrow – Sprints, Midgets and Jalopies use a narrow chassis like the LVJ Champ or Sprints Plus
  3. True Scale – These cars use scale appearing 1/32 bodies.  The chassis can be scratchbuilt or sourced from SCX, SlotIt, Scalextric, Carrera, etc.


SCORA rarely specs a manufacturer.  We want racers to be able to get what they need in a challenging market, and still have competitive cars.  Car rules are designed to allow flexibility in manufacturers, while maintaining car parity in the restricted divisions.