Are you ready for 2019?

Let us help you get your racing program off the ground. Organized races are a great way to hold peoples’ interest and keep your racers coming back. We provide rules, racing programs, and even points tracking systems. SCORA™ members get discounts at select retailers, and through certain manufacturers. Send an email to to find out what we can do for you.

Why join now?

Someone asked us what they get when they join. Great question!

Member tracks in good standing get 20% off all orders through Smith Scale Speedway.   We hope to add more vendors soon.  You also get a Rule book, banner and other goodies.  If you order enough stuff over the course of the year, you’ll come out ahead on this deal.

Racers who sign up get 10% off through select manufacturers. We hope that local racers who have a home track order together though  Save money and grow your club, while saving money.

Best of all, you and your track get national recognition and get scored against oval racers all across the world.

Since we are still in he beginning stages, anyone signs up at any time during 2017 will receive a membership card good until December of 2018. maximize your savings and join now.

1/32 Stock Car

We’ve gotten requests to come up with a standard platform for stock cars that fit on smaller club tracks.  Plastic manufacturers (SCX, Carrera, etc.) have a lot of nice cars, but they have vastly different performance levels.  To that end, we are working on a 2″ wide car with a 3.5″ wheelbase that uses readily available parts.  Stay tuned for the build and news.  Parts will be sourced from LVJ, ProTrack, and Boss Bodies.

Why 1/32?

26944569212_413dcd36c0Simple.  No one else is doing it.  Additionally, some of the most exciting advances in oval racing are taking place on home and club tracks, in garages and basements.  Just because they aren’t commercial establishments doesn’t mean that you won’t find the best racing there.  To encourage these networks to grow, there is value in having at least some standardized divisions so that as racers travel to these homes and clubs, they know what kind of car to bring.

The goal is to grow this network, and have regional races and championships… giving the club and home racers the recognition they deserve.