True Scale Rules Change

New True Scale Rules

We received some feedback that there were too many restricted divisions, and too few true scale divisions. To address this, we’ve moved trucks from restricted to true scale. Pattos has a wide variety of NASCAR style truck bodies. To go old school, you can always use 1995 F150 from Boss Bodies.

Use these on a scale chassis, or LVJ Cruiser for a fun tail sliding series, and a change of pace from car bodies. Modifications can include adding a 3/8″ spoiler to bodies that don’t have one molded or included, and adding cab to bed roll bars if they are not molded in.

Restricted Division Rules Change


As the motor market evolves, we have updated the restricted division rules to allow wider flexibility and options. Many 21k rated motors turn at least 21,500 depending on your track voltage. Some tracks use 3VDC motors rated for 5400rpm, which turn at least 21,600rpm at 12VDC. In light of this, the motor rules have been changed to allow 22,000 rpm rated motors. The motors must still be used stock and unopened.