Division Rules

There are 4 basic types of divisions:

  1. Open Car – Loose parameters, really lets people get creative.  Chassis mods are allowed, very liberal motor rules, etc.
  2. Restricted Car – Spec motors and tire types, narrow gear selection, a real driver’s division.  It is also a great entry level division since the cars should be extremely close in performance.
  3. Narrow Car – These divisions are based on the LVJ Champ or Sprints Plus chassis.
  4. True Scale Rules – This division uses bodies that are correctly proportioned and more realistic looking 1/32 scale cars.

2020 Divisions:

Restricted Car

  • Vintage Modified, Dirt Modified, Truck, Late Model

Open Car

  • Dirt Late Model, Modified, Super Modified, SuperStox


  • Sprint, Early Modified, Indy Roadster

True Scale

  • Stock Car, Street, Bomber