You got questions?  We got answers.

I have a two lane oval in my basement.  Can I join?

Yes.  NASCAR races Martinsville and Daytona.  Each requires its own skill set.  If you have a club, or are willing to allow nearby SCORA racers to come race your track, you are who we want to help.  We treat all tracks equally.

What timing system do I need to be a SCORA track?

None.  We want it to be as possible for you to get involved.  You can go old school and have a person count laps for each car (like NASCAR back in the day), or you can use a simple digital lap counter.  The idea is for club and even home tracks to be a part of it.  One of the benefits of SCORA membership is technical advice on how to get set up for a money and time investment that works for you.   We can provide access to timing software, and get discounts on digital systems.

When do I have to run the races?

Our season runs from February to November.  Each division championship consists of 6 races.  You run them when you want to.  See the SCORA Rule Book for more detailed information.

What race format do I have to use?

We don’t care.  How you run your races is up to you.  We care only that you can certify the winner and results.  If you don’t know how to set up a race, SCORA members can get one on one assistance to get started.  We’ll tailor a program that fits your track.

Can I run races for other sanctioning bodies?

Sure.  It is your track, and we are not in competition with any other organization.  We don’t care if you run races for several bodies on the same day.

Can I use the SCORA points system and rules if I don’t want to join?

Yes.  The membership fee covers the cost of materials that we send to the track, and compensates us for the overhead of tracking pints nationally.  The membership fees also help pay for recognition packages that go out to winners.  There is a fee for us to send you a hard copy.  Member tracks get one as part of their membership fee.

I sent you ten dollars,what do I get?

Besides recognition on our web outlets, you get discounts at select retailers and on select manufacturers’ merchandise.  You get a laminated competition license that is recognized at any SCORA track that you go to.

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